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1.Beauty Platform / Skincare device
This is a beauty platform hub developed through organic integration of primary skincare devices to provide a comprehensive skincare solution from makeup to cleansing. As a main function, a round cooling plate on the bottom cool the active ingredients of a specialized moisturizing essence to maintain optimum quality and help improving miniaturization and elasticity of skin. The upper smart mirror display provides information on UV rays, air quality, temperature, and humidity for optimal skincare, and it informs user of customized intensive care elements such as hydrating, sunscreening, cooling, or cleansing based on analysis of the data.
2.FLC200 LED ColourChanger
The impression and appearance of the FLC200 LED Color Changer is determined by the contrast between the simple elegance of the products and its distinctive lines. The FLC200 CC series offers a wide range of options for aesthetically and demanding architectural lighting. The Color Changer is available with symmetric narrow-, medium- and wide beam light distribution. With infinitely variable color mixing, the projector with DMX interface enables interesting creative possibilities for planners, architects, and lighting designers. It is suited to temporary, dynamic colored light applications and to the subtle, continuous use of colored light.
224616_02_flc200_led_cc_family_bild_a2.jpg 224616_20202_large_entry_medium.jpg 224616_20204_large_entry_medium.jpg
3.Small L Eye-Caring Lamp
The Small L Eye-Caring Lamp has an easy-to-adjust opening and closing angle of 0–115°. When closed, the special L-shape is an art of minimalism that is displayed in light and shade. The quality is further improved with the aluminum alloy anodized body. The brightness and color can be adjusted easily. Random adjustment of cold light and warm light satisfies the needs of different scenarios. RGO (exemption level) according to GB7000.1-2015 and 3C certification. The light guide plate imitates the design of medical shadowless lamps, which can diffuse light and avoid shadows.
237568_01_400524781914181737.jpg 237568_02_313164973424898084.jpg
4.SiCOMPACT FloodlightAsymmetrical lights are employed for efficient area lighting. With the lighting company SiCOMPACT, the Salzburg-based design company Kiska has succeeded in designing a technical product to clearly reflect the message of floodlighting. Kiska attaches particular importance to the design of the bracket. Normally, brackets are used for purely functional purposes to mount the light. In the case of the SiCOMPACT, the bracket was seen as an extension of the floodlight housing. The energy efficient and resource saving concept, with a system lifetime of more than 60,000 hours, has a very strong focus on sustainability
237833_02_siteco_sicompact_midi.jpg 237833_20316_large_entry_medium.jpg 237833_20312_large_entry_medium.jpg
5.HANS / LightingUsing the chain as inspiration, HANS family offers unlimited modular design solutions utilizing linked chain and easy extensions. Thanks to its flexibility it is ideal for providing perfect lighting solutions for cylindrical, square column, right-angled wall, waved design and other diverse structures. HANS has many installation methods, such as: recessed, surface-mounted, hooped, track, pendant, underground, wall, floor and so on. The separate removal makes it easy for installation and maintenance. Professional optic design gives 15°, 25°, 40°and 60°beam angle for options.
237683_01_a01.jpg 237683_02_a02.jpg
6.FLOW / LampFlow is a modular LED table lamp with flexible positioning, created by designer Andreas Kowalewski. The Flow table lamp has a simple and flowing design, in which all of the lamp’s parts grow smoothly into each other, just like the branches on a tree. LED technology enables Flow’s elegant narrow lamp head, which forms a flowing connection with the rest of the lamp. The small, functional details are also beautifully integrated. The small handle on the lamp head and the dimmer switch on the base are like tiny, natural buds, but are made from eye-catching polished metal so that they can be operated intuitively.
7.Dome / LampCreated in association with Blocher partners Stuttgart, Dome is a symbiosis of functional styling, flowing transitions and clear edge contours. The soft shape of the matt-finished luminaire head in die cast aluminum contrasts effectively with the clarity of the specular light outlet surface. The LED modules are covered by a transparent panel whose hard outer edge is visible. The imprinted black frame supports the clarity of the linear styling. The internal micro-prism panel ensures a dazzle-free effect. A matt finish panel protects the LED modules at the back of the luminaire head and scatters the indirect lighting.
229241_01_spectral_dome_s_kg_01.jpg 229241_02_spectral_dome_s_kg_02.jpg 229241_18133_large_entry_medium.jpg 229241_18134_large_entry_medium.jpg
8.DRAW A LINEIn Japan, a tension rod is popularly used as a storage item. The theme of this re-imagined tension rod is “New lifestyle starting with a simple line”. Like drawing a line on a canvas, this multipurpose furnishing tool allows you to integrate various other accessories like lamp, shelf, table, hook, hanger, or magnet. The concept is DIY so the final configuration is up to you. You can also utilize the dead space in the room to store/display items.

9.ECLIPSE / Pendant luminaire
An eclipse is an astronomical event in which light and darkness meet poetically to form a ring of light. The intent of this design is to capture and transcribe the beauty of this magnificent physical phenomenon in a luminaire, and so ECLIPSE arose. It is a graceful round luminaire with small profile cross-section available in two different diameters and two profile colors. The homogeneous light emission surface provides a pleasant light, and in combination with the form an interesting interplay of light and shadows is created. It is delivered with a suitable pendant installation kit and power supply.

10.Emco Spotlight / Brochure
For over 60 years, emco has been developing and producing exclusive bathroom fittings for the premium market segment. The design at emco has evolved constantly, mastering the transition from functional to essential and making quiet places into individual oases of peace and relaxation. emco Spotlight stands for ongoing evolution and improvement. Presented here in A3 format are the bathroom ideas of the future. More informative than a newsletter but more appealing than a catalogue, the new product brochure highlights, above all, the flexibility of emco bathroom fittings.
224074_01_EMC_Daten_emco-Spotlight_1_RGB.jpg 224074_02_EMC_Daten_emco-Spotlight_2_RGB.jpg
EnLight is a torch/task light hybrid, designed to provide lighting for students who lack immediate access to an electricity outlet. The inspiration for EnLight was the common use of unhealthy kerosene lamps in many places by students who lack electricity. Combining inductor technology with a rotational switch, EnLight exemplifies innovative yet simple design and use. It is designed to fit seamlessly into students' life, becoming a personal object and symbol of potential and independence. The inductor technology allows students to charge their torches while walking, later providing lighting whenever and wherever needed. This is a product for young people with a bright future.
224496_01_if.jpg 224496_02_if2.jpg
12.Filament / Desk lampThe filament has been the heart of traditional light bulbs for many years; it transformed how we use light. Delicate and fine, yet bright and powerful; qualities brought into this modern task light, called Filament. The form of the head gives three points of illumination, reducing hard shadows across the task plane. A tactile three position switch and a fixed-position head make it very easy to operate. Two power levels provide either comfortable ambient light or focused illumination without distracting or overwhelming, letting you focus on the task at hand.
229412_01_lamp_2i5a6324073_cropped.jpg 229412_02_lamp_2i46324075_cropped.jpg
13.D8000L LED Power BankThis highly evolved mobile power delivery product leverages ADATA LED lighting and durable external drive expertise. The D8000L embodies three core principles: stylish design, mid-to-large 8000mAh capacity, and rugged durability. It comes in several vibrant colors showcased by integrated 150lm (up to 2W) LED lighting. Uniquely among power banks, the product is IP54 dust- and water-proof and passes military-grade shock resistance testing. Instead of the slab-like generic look of other power banks, the D8000L is compact, attractive with attention-grabbing LEDs, and even includes a kick stand for extra flexibility.
228984_02_d8000l_2.jpg 228984_18545_large_entry_medium.jpg
14.NIMB / LED lampThis ring-shaped LED pendant light, which is 1,500 mm or 2,000 mm in diameter, was conceived as a lighting solution for the public sector. Its antiglare, white body diffuser, with a high light transmission rate of 85–89 percent, produces a very intense beam of light, which ensures that even rooms with very high ceilings can be fully illuminated. Since it requires minimal maintenance and has a long service life it is suitable for installation in difficult-to-reach places.
231702_01_vv1.jpg 231702_02_vv2.jpg
15.Noctus / LampNoctus is a table lamp. The distinguishing element of the lamp is the conspicuously small luminaire head – a hollow sphere made of magnetic epoxy resin with an embedded lens. The sphere is held by six little neodym magnets, all lined up in a circular plastic ring. So the sphere is more or less levitating, as it does not directly touch the magnets. This unique magnetic joint allows the luminaire head to move freely and rotate the light easily into the desired position without any complex connection.
16.VAERO LED / Light fittingThe design language of the VAERO lamp fitting is streamlined and clear in the true sense of the word. It discreetly fits into any room architecture, making it an excellent choice for various office areas. Never before has a hanging lamp been so effective and inconspicuous at the same time. When switched off, the transparent lighting wings are hardly detectable. What remains is a narrow middle bar that conceals the flat converter box. When switched on, the lamp transforms into a magical light object. Frameless and transparent, the super-thin light-emitting surface perfects the puristic design.
17.U3 / Lamp
U3 links a pure and simple design with high performance and comfort. This series of recessed luminaires uses the innovative Shielded Lens technology, which screens off the LED light and prevents glare (UGR ≤ 16 or ≤ 19). U3 is therefore suitable for diverse applications such as in offices, classrooms, public spaces, etc. The lenses are countersunk and screened off by the shielding units so that the light source is barely visible at eye level, resulting in a highly uniform, quiet image. U3 is available with different light distributions and several luminous fluxes. The luminaires are particularly energy-efficient and have a long lifetime.
236925_17888_large_entry_medium.jpg 236925_17892_large_entry_medium.jpg 236925_01_su3001a3_white.jpg 236925_02_u3_in_a_classroom.jpg

18.TRIM DOUBLE EMISSION / Outdoor lighting

Combining aluminum and glass in squared and essential lines, Trim is a structured lighting piece, which is suitable for any type of context, whether classic or modern. An excellent example of design-no-design. Trim is an extremely versatile solution and can be mounted on a wall or pole.

19.TRACCIA / Outdoor light fixture

TRACCIA is an innovative in-ground recessed light fixture. It features a unique beam orientation mechanism for a perfect grazing and wall washing illumination of small, large, or very large surfaces. It offers a wide range of optics with anti-glare louvers and 4 light temperatures as well as two levels of light output (high and regular). Its Power Supply Unit on board (PSU – IP67) can be easily inspected and removed for replacement. The through-wiring and waterproof plug-in connectors enable extremely cost-efficient installation.

20.Tracron M3 tracklight / Spotlight

The Tracron M3 tracklight was specially designed for museum museum cabinets and exhibition spaces less than 3 meters in height. It can be mounted just 7.8 cm below the ceiling or mounting surface. Despite its compact size, Tracron M3 produces 8 types of light distribution thanks to interchangeable lens of 6°, 10°, 16°, 29°, 47°, 55°x19°, 19°x55°, and wallwash. It is compatible with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and features dimmer, free adjustment of 360° horizontally and 270° vertically, and custom-made colors.


21.Tile / Outdoor lamp

The "Tile" series is designed to provide directed lighting. Like a tile, this acrylic and aluminum wall lamp can be mounted in four different positions, including on the ground. Multiple 'Tiles' can be arranged in a sequence to create larger installations. The lamp's shape in combination with its directed beam creates a beautiful play of light and shadow.
22.Terraillon Homni / Smart sleep solution

Homni is a smart sleep solution that promotes healthy sleeping patterns using sensors, light cycles and sound. Homni brings technology into the bedroom without disrupting or clashing with the serenity of your sleeping space. It analyses the environment, measuring temperature, brightness, humidity and noise. A mobile app allows users to understand disruptions and improve sleep quality. Additional sensors analyze sleep cycles and follow cardiac and respiratory rhythms. Homni technology fits perfectly within any bedroom environment.

23.Superloop / Lighting fixture

The Superloop circular suspended lighting fixture has the ability to diffuse light all around. It is available in a round or square shape with a custom-engineered 48V low-voltage track on the inside. This allows you to position and move light modules all around, tool-free, offering maximum flexibility and allowing you to meet any need of the project.

24.Somneo / Sleep and wake-up light

Somneo helps users relax before falling asleep and wake up naturally refreshed, improving quality of life. Its poetic design language is fitting for a bedroom. Gradual illumination of the light ring and the 3D curve enhances the wake-up experience by giving the light more depth. A touch-sensitive user interface/display disappears during the night and uses proximity sensing to light up when needed. A simple tap turns on the night light. The molded body integrates the split lines around the front ring and back speaker into the design, while the surfacing allows the light to flow perfectly.
25.Wander Light / Table lamp

Wander light references traditional Asian portable home lights but with contemporary basic materials. The designer Jonas Wagell practices friendly minimalism, and found a way to use Asian forms in a warm manner. Wander takes inspiration from rice paper lanterns, yet it has a minimal, contemporary design made of elemental materials, steel, and glass. In the paper lantern tradition, a handle sweeps over the glass shade and provides handy functionality in a playful manner.


26.Philips ClearWay / Outdoor lamp
Like its successful predecessor, ClearWay gen2 makes the most of the latest LED technology. Improved LED efficiency makes cooling ribs unnecessary, reducing the lamp's size by half. It has a longer lifetime and uses significantly less material, so is also more sustainable. Its small size makes the fixture less obtrusive. It is therefore suitable for discreet street lighting, restoring character in an environmental context. The angled glass also prevents light spill. It also makes the lamp and pole symmetrically aligned, visually integrated into one element that looks simpler and visually quiet.

27.Philips Hue White and color ambiance / LED bulb

This smart LED candle bulb is ideal for small fittings that are typically used to create a cozy, comfortable environment or as a close-by functional reading light. The light effect is created by two layers of light which helps to enhance atmosphere, especially when dimmed or using colors. A larger light surface helps reduce glare and “sharp light” when used close to the user. The light is evenly distributed, so it fits perfectly in every lamp. A simple, single line silhouette guides the eye to the bulb’s simplicity, not its technological aspect.
28.PILL / Wall lamp

PILL features a minimalist and timeless form language. Through its reduced geometric lines, this wall-mounted light fixture blends into its surroundings without imposing itself. The aluminum and acrylic lamp can be installed horizontally as well as vertically, and used either in outdoor or indoor areas. It was designed as part of a series, which also includes a wall-mounted luminaire and wall-mounted luminaire.

29.Mi-Ge S LED Desk Lamp
This is a desk lamp that can protect your eyesight and is very economical. Through professional optical research, it has been proven that glare can be effectively prevented without diminishing the lighting effect. The main light source is in a honeycomb design while the auxiliary light is designed to provide low level lighting, improving visual comfort and avoiding eye fatigue. 4 different light efficiency modes can be used to meet different user scenarios.

30.Lent / Lamp

Lent is a large-dimension hanging lamp. It has acoustic properties that work great in compositions or in an individual form, generating visual divisions that can distinguish several zones. The large dimensions of the lamp do not make it an excessively volumetric element; it is designed so that the space it occupies is the minimum possible. The lamp can be operated either hanging or anchored to the ceiling or wall, perfect in combination or individually and in three different finishes.

229253_20249_large_entry_medium.jpg 229253_02_LENT_3_Colori_Render_Kalin.jpg

31.Lid-Lite / Solar light
Lid-Lite leads people not only to recycle waste but turn it into a source of lighting. The top of the light has a solar charging board which absorbs solar energy during the day to emit as light at night. Using different colored bottles, liquids, or even various liquid capacities will produce different lighting effects. With just a plastic bottle, Lid-Lite lights up a lifestyle that is more sustainable and delightful.

32.LAMA+ / Lighting fixture
The new LAMA+ is a luminaire designed and produced to offer solutions of high performance, with LED light sources amongst the most efficient and up-to-date on the market. The product delivers an average of 145 lm/W for all outputs, and reaches 150 lm/W in certain versions; these values make the LAMA+ one of the best solutions worldwide for interior industrial lighting. Functional accessories such as power supply in continuous row, emergency, dimming and wireless management makes LAMA+ a multipurpose solution, combining thrilling design with outstanding performance.

33.Yuh / Lamp
Celebrating Louis Poulsen’s philosophy of designing to shape light and inspired by the classic virtues of Danish design, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who make up GamFratesi, the most stirring design duo of our time, have designed a lamp called Yuh. One of the essential features of the lamp is that it is personal. The lamp is flexible and takes up very little space. It rotates, rises and drops, illuminating and creating ambience in the required area.


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